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Smack your burglar buddies around and grab the most cash!

Prime-Time Crime is a four-player competitive multiplayer game where you loot a bank, the city, the sewers, and the park for all of the money you can carry.

Take on the role of HELGA the Strong, OL' BETTY the Wise, GARY the Guy, or TONY the Tough Guy and duke it out across the city on your way towards the Getaway Car.

Controllers required for enjoyable gameplay. This game supports the following gamepads:

  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers*
  • Switch Joy-Con (left or right, used individually)
  • Switch Pro Controller
  • Buffalo SNES Gamepad

*Controls screen is set up based on Xbox layouts but other controllers follow the same general button configuration.

This game is a BETA and will have more content coming in the future! Let us know how you like it!

—The Prime-Time Crime Dev Team

Install instructions

Make sure to extract all game files into the same folder from the .zip download!


PrimeTimeCrime_beta.zip 28 MB


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